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TF Anon Fic Meme

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Name:Transformers Anon Fic Meme
Posting Access:Select Members, Moderated
Community description:Transformers anon fic meme
  • Please be civil and respectful towards each other. Rudeness will not be tolerated.
  • One prompt per comment (but feel free to post more than one!).
  • Please follow the correct format (see below).
  • Both fills and prompts may be posted anonymously.
  • Fills can be anything: fic, art, vid, fanmix, podfic, crafts, etc.
  • Prompts may be filled as many times as you like. There are lots of really interesting prompts, and if one inspires you feel free to fill it again even if someone else already has.

Format of Prompts

In the Subject line:
[TYPE] canon - character/pairing - prompt summary

[GEN] TFP - Bulkhead, Fowler - war stories
[KINK] MTMTE - Rodimus/Other - sex pollen, orgy
[CROSSOVER] Inception/Movie - Jazz, Eames/Arthur - dreamsharing, action, spying

The 'types' are GEN (if you are requesting a prompt that has no romantic/sexual ship or pairing), KINK (if you are requesting a romantic ship or pairing, regardless of actual fic rating), and CROSSOVER (for crossing over other fandoms or different TF canons).

The 'canon' refers to which Transformers continuity you're requesting. Examples: G1, BW, TFA, Movies, TFP, Energon, Armada, IDW, RiD, MTMTE, DW, Marvel

'Character/pairing' - please list the main character(s) or pairing you would like to see. Gen fics should list characters as "name, name", while romantic/sexual pairings should be listed as "name/name". One part of the list is anyone/everyone/no one? Use "Other".

Prompt summary - a short list of summary points or tags for your prompt. Keep it short and concise but useful for readers. These can be actual kinks (ie, BDSM, spanking, dirty talk) or genres (ie, romance novel, action, h/c, mystery) or so-called 'warnings' which I prefer to think of as selling points (ie, mpreg, non-con, bestiality) or quick alternate universe summaries (ie, SpacePirate!Optimus, Housewife!Bluestreak, Stripper!Megatron), or whatever else you can think of that's short, quick, and highlights bits of your prompt that would make you want to read it.

In the body of your prompt, give as much info as you want to help describe your idea. The only additional bit of info is if you are putting up a romantic/sexual prompt, please include:
a) what type of sex (ie, tactile, spark, sticky, other)
b) what you absolutely DO or DO NOT want to see

Format of Fills

Same as for the Prompts, with additional title or adjusted summary tags.

[TYPE] "Title" chapter/section# - canon - character/pairing - prompt summary

This meme does not support Real Person Fic (RPF) of any variety or underage human characters in sexual situations. Please refrain from using either of these.
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